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WBTWXT EP #46 - What Makes A Witch? - An Interview with Linnea B Capps, a queer author

August 06, 2020 Witches Betwixt Episode 46
Witches Betwixt
WBTWXT EP #46 - What Makes A Witch? - An Interview with Linnea B Capps, a queer author
Show Notes
Recording Date: 07/28/2020

In this episode, Jay interviews, Linnea B Capps, a queer, witch-adjacent writer from the furry fandom. Her book, What Makes a Witch, comes out on August 18th and is available for pre-order on Amazon.

Official Site: linneacapps.com
Twitter: @LinneaBCapps // @LiteralGrill

"Greer is a young rat thrown to a cruel world. Living on the streets, he finds sanctuary with Mistress Addison, a witch and enemy of the Grand Coven. Though only women can control the power of the ley lines, Mistress Addison defies those rules and agrees to take the young rat on as her apprentice. Starting his journey, Greer finds himself learning for more about his own identity than how to cast spells. Follow him and see what his path unfolds in What Makes a Witch!"

In the episode we mentioned that the Animorphs series was available online to read for free. Turns out, K.A. Applegate doesn't offer it on her website directly, but she does support the fandom's dedication to making the books accessible for people to read. This Reddit thread seems to be a pretty comprehensive list of the ebooks:



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